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Welcome to the Education Revolution Resource Hub!

We love to do our own research! But with so much that's already been done, we're happy to share the materials we've found to be helpful in our learning journey. This page is your hub for Education Revolution resources — as we come across promising research, tools, organizational missions and other resources, we will share them with you here.

Below, you'll find helpful articles and studies about American education (past and present), organizations with similar missions, and tools to help you get started in your own mission to revolutionize education.

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In-depth studies and reports on how the educational system in America is broken — and the innovative educational practices being explored for student success.

As we come across helpful studies, we will share them here.


Thought-provoking op-eds, insightful articles, and compelling speeches discussing the challenges facing our educational system, innovative solution proposals, and the passionate voices advocating for change.

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Guides & Toolkits

Practical tools and guides for teachers and parents to enhance student learning experiences.

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  • Positivity Project: Personality testing focusing on top and emerging character strengths, broken out by age range for easier accessibility.
  • Enneagram Institute: Comprehensive personality testing to provide insight into basic core desires, fears and coping mechanisms.
  • Gallup CliftonStrengths 34 Assessment: Corporate personality test, ranking 34 different qualities that help people succeed in business — detailed, personalized narrative results and recommendations.

Missing Something?

Do you know of an amazing educational non-profit, or have you come across a study we should check out and share? We're always on the lookout for new Education Revolution resources we can share. Let us know at our contact page!

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Partners & Organizations

Non-profits and organizations that offer additional support and opportunities in education.


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