About The Education Revolution Association

Our Vision

ERA envisions a future in which the American education system empowers every student with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to thrive in the modern world.

In this vision, students understand their strengths and weaknesses, confidently navigating adulthood. These young people have clear career paths and the tools — and knowledge — to pursue their best-fit options.

In our future, each student reaches their maximum educational potential in all subjects, learning at a pace that suits their individual aptitudes.

Most importantly, we see a future steeped in kindness and acceptance, fostering a genuine appreciation for diversity.

By promoting self-discovery, instilling practical perspectives, and nurturing a culture of kindness, we aim to transform education and create a more inclusive and effective educational system for generations to come.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to catalyze a transformation in American education by providing students with tools, guidance, and support to thrive in an ever-changing world.

We seek to reshape K-12 education around the pillars of Self & Career Discovery, Maximizing Individual Potential, and Kindness & Civility. And to do this, we are committed to uniting educational foundations, government and schools around these core values.

Our collaborative approach harnesses the collective resources and expertise of our members to implement a comprehensive program aimed at revolutionizing the educational landscape in America — for the benefit of both current and future generations and the global citizens they will become.

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Our Founder

ERA founder Fred Ode deeply understands both the benefits and the struggles of public education.

As a child, the disparity between students’ individual skills and teachers' expectations was painfully obvious.

That disparity worked both ways. Students who easily excelled in an area were limited by the pace of the rest of the class — and students who struggled were often ridiculed or quickly left behind as the majority of the class moved along without them.

Fred’s conviction only intensified when he later became a high school math teacher. The observations he made as a student became even more solidified as the data each year confirmed over and over again that the system just doesn’t work if you look at students not as a cohort — but as individuals.

Fred moved on to business, founding an immensely successful software company and other businesses, but his passion for education has always remained.

With the day-to-day of his businesses now being managed by others, Fred is doubling down on his commitment to changing the system for the better.

For more about the education revolution, read our mission in Fred's own words!

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Fred Ode, circa 1985

Our Team

Meet the team at the heart of our mission to revolutionize American education. 

We are a diverse mosaic of educators, innovators and advocates united by a common belief: that every child deserves access to an education that not only informs but inspires, empowers and transforms.

From the boardroom to the smartboard, our members work tirelessly to challenge the status quo, create innovative learning experiences, and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future in education.

Get to know the dedicated professionals who are passionate about the education revolution — and turning our vision into reality, one bold idea at a time.

ERA founder Fred Ode

Fred Ode

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ERA President Mark Hennie

Mark Hennie


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