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Learn with the Education Revolution Association! We've compiled some of our favorite resources to help support students, parents and educators in this transformative journey.


At ERA, we are committed to constantly learning, researching thoroughly and sharing our findings with the world.

Our blog is full of insightful articles focused on education and student discovery of self and career. Featured topics include:

  • Education: Research and insights about the history of American education, modern approaches, and how we can improve for our children.

  • Self & Career Discovery: Articles on guiding students to identify their passions and strengths, helping them make informed decisions for their futures.

  • Acceptance of Others / Kindness: Stories and tips on fostering empathy, respect and kindness within school communities and beyond.

  • Maximizing Educational Potential: Strategies and resources to help students excel academically, tailored to various learning styles and needs.

Some of our favorite articles are highlighted below, but check out our full collection on our Insights page.

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While we love doing our own research, many helpful and reputable studies already exist — and many respected and established organizations are currently working on singular aspects of the ERA vision.

As we come across promising research, tools, organizational missions and other resources, we will share them with you on our Resources page.

Key resources include:

  • Academic Research: In-depth studies and reports on how the system is broken — and the innovative educational practices being explored for student success.

  • Guides & Toolkits: Practical tools and guides for teachers and parents to enhance student learning experiences.

  • External Organizations: Links to non-profits and organizations that offer additional support and opportunities in education.

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The Education Revolution Association is aways ready to learn! Is there a blog topic you'd like to see us explore? Do you know of an amazing educational non-profit, or have you come across a study we should check out and share? Let us know at our contact page!

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